Thanks For Stopping By!

“The relationship between the Dane County Board and the towns and villages that make it up should be a positive one. If we work together with the board, we can ensure it strengthens our communities and neighborhoods, improves public health and safety, and repairs our highways and bridges. I’m in the best place to build this kind of relationship. That is why I’m running.” – Nikki Jones

Improving the area’s roads, emergency medical services, and human services will only be possible if the County Board works both with and for the people. There is nobody better suited to making this happen than Nikki Jones.

She has spent the past 15 years living, working, volunteering, and raising a family in the town of Cross Plains. Her volunteer activities include time spent as an election worker, a teacher and basketball coach for her childrens’ schools, a leader of one of her daughters’ Girl Scout Troops, and a leader of her local chapter of the International Dark Skies Association, a global environmental organization.

When the previous Supervisor, Abigail Wuest, moved away from the district, Nikki Jones was asked to apply for the position. She was one of about half a dozen applicants, but when decision time came, the Dane County Board approved her application unanimously. During her acceptance, Nikki Jones was lauded for the volunteer work she had done for her community.

Since her appointment, Jones has been fighting hard for her constituents on issue after issue. She’s a fierce advocate for greater spending on infrastructure improvements, improved broadband services in rural areas, expanding social services to help people in their times of greatest need, protecting the environment in her district, and preserving the rural character that makes towns and villages like Vermont, Berry, Mazomanie, Blue Mounds, Black Earth, and Cross Plains such wonderful places to live and raise families.